Phase 1 Step 4 – Conduct “Relationship Management Orientation Seminar”


This step involved the following 2 activities:


  1. Prepare seminar binders for distribution
    • Seminar Preparation
  2. Seminar
    • Circulate a sign-in sheet; include Name, organization, e-mail address and phone number.
    • At the end of the seminar, distribute the Orientation Session Feedback and How Ready Are We forms.

Template(s) and starter sets:

  • Relational Seminar Binders – these will be developed and assembled by the Centre for Relationships Management
  • P1S4 – Sign-in Sheet.docx
  • P1S4 – Orientation Session Evaluation Form.pptx
  • How Ready Are We form

Reference documents:

  • Reference documents are additional material that would help improve understanding/knowledge of this step:


Team Makeup:

This step is done by:

  • Lead Advisor
  • Engagement Support


Responsibilities and Accountabilities: (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed)

Activities ET PA PB PC PC PD
1. Seminar Preparation RA
2. Seminar RA AC AC

Key implementation considerations?

  • Every stakeholder must attend this workshop, otherwise cannot attend convergence workshop. Another option is to register for the Relationship Management online course.


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