Phase 2: Relationship Management Framework Development

This phase employs a collaborative engagement process to develop the relationship management framework (CEP). CEP™ was developed as a structured, inclusive collaborative process designed to enable leadership initiatives, to mobilize organizational synergies and resources, to “break through” mental, structural and systemic barriers, and to bring about convergence and “commitment” of critical stakeholders in the cause of benefits realization. This phase is primarily focused on three major areas including conducting primary research, a fit assessment and charter development and convergence.


  • Team orientation
  • Stakeholder map
  • Conduct seminar
  • Seminar feedback analyses


  • Strategic Fit Assessment Report
  • Relationship Charter with three (3) components
    • Relationship Charter Communication Deck – this describes the relationship charter in PowerPoint for presentation purposes.
    • A Relationship Charter Annex for inclusion in the contractual arrangement – This is in Microsoft Word format
    • Invoking Clause – Which links the Annex to the contractual framework
  • Team Convergence

Steps: (click on any step below for additional information)

  1. Relationships and Service Delivery Management Interview Guide Preparation
  2. Customize E-mail Text
  3. Prepare Collaborative Assessment Questionnaires
  4. Schedule Interviews
  5. Conducting Interviews
  6. Data Analysis
  7. Sponsors Review of “What We’ve Heard”
  8. The Fit Assessment
  9. Build the Draft Straw Model
  10. Straw Model Review with Sponsors
  11. Schedule & Communicate Convergence Workshop
  12.  Convergence Workshop
  13. Team Work – Straw Model Integration
  14. Charter Annex & Invoking Clause
  15. Charter Review & Updates
  16. Status Update #2

Team Makeup:

  • Lead Advisor
  • Project Manager
  • Relationship Charter Specialist
  • Engagement Support

Characteristics of a good outcome:

  • Inclusiveness of the stakeholder community
  • Reasonably good score on the collaborative index
  • High degree of participation in the convergence workshop

Characteristics of an undesirable outcome:

  • Insufficient participation of key stakeholders throughout the process
  • Major gap in collaborative working maturity

Phase 1 Overview

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