Phase 2 Step 12 – Convergence Workshop


This step involves the following 9 activities:


  1. E-mail
    • Send out e-mail to engagement sponsors with the date(s) and time(s) of the workshop, and say “agenda to follow”.
      • Ask sponsors to e-mail their teams with date(s) and time(s) of workshop. Attendance is mandatory.
  2. Planning – Venue
    • Ensure the venue has breakout rooms as most work will be done in breakout teams
  3. Facilitation (lead person)
    • Welcome statement
    • Present introductory deck
      • Engagement purpose
      • Overview of what a Charter is
      • Process for the day – small team analysis of the straw model and large group dialogue
      • Explain it again
      • Logistics/washrooms/coffee et…
      • Break them into teams/use the count method. (Those who are sitting next to each other end up in different teams)
      • Tell them the engagement sponsors will be assisting in the facilitation process
  4.  Present Straw Model (Part 1, 2, 3)
    • Make sure they understand that this is their work
  5. Breakout session – small teams
    • Go around the room every two minutes
    • As if they have questions and reiterate:
    • Time left
      • They need to present changes/updates to the larger groups
      • See if teams have hit roadblocks, if so, sit down and help them
      • Identify those who get it, and plan it out for they would present first
  6. Small team presentations / Large group dialogue
    • Presentation to team/facilitator gets out of the way
    • Questions/dialogue
    • Parking lot issues
    • Don’t solve issues until we heard from all teams
    • Look for imagination in approach
    • Approve after each group
  7. Parking lot issues – must resolve those
    • Put procedure team to do them
  8.  Reflections
    • 1-2 minutes each person
    • Ask sponsors if they’d like to say anything to close the session
    • Thank you speech (short)
  9. Recording/Understanding dynamics – two team members required
    • Record all conversations for later use
    • Help in breakout sessions (if there any questions re: clarifications)
    • Record team observations

Template(s) and starter sets:

  • LINK/DOC 1:
  • LINK/DOC 2:

 Reference documents:

  • Reference documents are additional material that would help improve understanding/knowledge of this step:


Team Makeup:

This step is done by:

  • Engagement support


Responsibilities and Accountabilities: (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed)

Activities ET PA PB PC PC PD
1. E-mail RACI ACI ACI
2. Planning RA
3. Facilitation RA CI CI
4. Present straw model RA CI CI
5. Break out groups CI RAC RAC
6.  Presentations CI RAC RAC
7.  Issues R RAC RAC
8.  Reflections RA A A
9.  Understanding Dynamics RA C C

Key implementation considerations?

  • Everything so far has been in preparation for this day. But what we’ve done is prepare everyone else in the workshop to work more collaboratively. This is more of a behavioral change than anything else.

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