Phase 2 Step 14 – Charter Annex & Invoking Clause


This step involves the following 5 activities:


  1. Annex Template
    • Obtain master template (annex template)
  2. Customize Template
    • Use the Charter communication deck (S13) as input to customize template and produce draft charter annex.
  3. QRB
    • Conduct internal QRB review (quality review board) Includes:
      • Procurement
      • Business/Technology
      • Finance
      • Quality
  4. Clauses
    • Obtain Invoking clause and customize
  5. Draft Charter
    • Produce draft charter annex and invoking clause

Template(s) and starter sets:

To complete this task, please open the following:

  • LINK/DOC 1:

Reference documents:

  • Reference documents are additional material that would help improve understanding/knowledge of this step:


Team Makeup:

This step is done by:

  • Lead advisor


Responsibilities and Accountabilities: (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed)

Activities ET PA PB PC PC PD
1. Annex template RA
2. Customize template RA
4. Invoking clause RA
5. Draft charter RA

Key implementation considerations:

  • If private-private: then you may relax some aspects of charter and particularly role of contracting authority.

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