Phase 2 Step 9 – Build the Draft Straw Model

Description of Step:

This step involves the following 2 activities:


  1. Use the SRS generic model as a base. (The 3 tier governance)
    • Complete Integrated Project Teams (IPTs) first (this is the lowest level of governance—those executing the work)
    • Next level of governance is AMT (alignment)
    • Next level is RMT (strategic management)
    • Next level is a JGA (joint governance authority)
  2. Develop a baseline scorecard

Template(s) and starter sets:

  • P2S9 – Straw Model Draft – Executive Sponsors Checkpoint Review.pptx

Reference documents:

  • Reference documents are additional material that would help improve understanding/knowledge of this step:


Team Makeup:

This step is done by:

  • Engagement support
  • Lead Advisor
  • Relationship Charter Specialist


Responsibilities and Accountabilities: (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed)

Activities ET PA PB PC PC PD
1. Base Model RA
2. Scorecard RA

Key implementation considerations?

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